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Stories & Poetry Given Voice.

Reading rooms are a place for exploration and connection. Books transport us to new worlds and brings us back safe home.

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About Me

Welcome to My Reading Room blog & podcast!

My goal is to encourage a deep and profound awareness of our personal journeys. There is always a story to be read, an adventure to be imagined, and an idea to be understood.

Words give meaning to the present while expressing the universal hopes and aspirations of humanity, past and future.  Gertrude Stein once said, “A masterpiece…may be unwelcome but it is never dull.”   For me, books that challenge my “status quo” and test my firmly held beliefs may be uncomfortable, but they are anything but boring. 

The bond between writer and reader gives relevance to the exchange.  My goal is to understand the message in the spirit in which it was given and to embrace the diversity of accepted wisdom. In the end, it is about connecting with others, whether they live in our century or 2500 years ago.

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