Music by Alice Cary

Music by Alice Cary (1820 – 1871) There is music, deep and solemn Floating through the vaulted arch When, in many an angry column, Clouds take up their stormy march: O’er the ocean billows, heaping Mountains on the sloping sands, There are ever wildly sweeping Shapeless and invisible hands. Echoes full of truth and feelingContinue reading “Music by Alice Cary”

Poetry in the Evening with Mário de Andrade

We know that there are many benefits of getting a full night’s sleep. Sleep boosts our immune system, increases personal productivity, strengthens our heart and elevates our well-being. Poetry has a meditative quality that invites a calmness to our mind and body. Reciting poetry aloud evokes a gentleness of spirit, a willingness to let theContinue reading “Poetry in the Evening with Mário de Andrade”