S2 E15: Speak Chuckaboo!

Welcome to my Reading Room! Let’s talk about books! Speak Chuckaboo, Slang of the Victorian and Steam Eras, by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene arrived at my doorstep a few days ago.   I knew that my sister, Sarah, would be very interested in this book and waited impatiently for our meeting on the Saturday following the deliveryContinue reading “S2 E15: Speak Chuckaboo!”

S2 E:13 Seeking For Happiness By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Humanity has long searched for the secret of happiness. We want to feel the warmth of happiness surround us and have sought after this desired state of being. In her poem, “Seeking for Happiness”, Ella Wheeler Wilcox gives her thoughts on how we can seek happiness. Please join me virtually on Burnaby Mountain, Simon FraserContinue reading “S2 E:13 Seeking For Happiness By Ella Wheeler Wilcox”

S2 E11: Here in the Time of the Winter Morn

Welcome to Poetry in the Evening The sunshine and rain of spring has brought colour and energy to the earth. The joy of awakening is here even as the soft and fresh green of beginnings is transitioning into a deeper shade of maturity. It is a reminder that the warmth of summer is near. Tonight,Continue reading “S2 E11: Here in the Time of the Winter Morn”